Trading Art As A Commodity

It is our mission to introduce investors to the concept of contemporary art appreciation, and art lovers to the potential of art as an asset class.

Huge ROI

The returns on Art are unlike anything else in the market. See your art sore in value.


Value in art is completely uncorrelated to the stock market, foreign exchanges rates or the property market.

Risk Insulation

Art investment is a superb risk insulator within a well defined and structured portfolio.

About Star Global

About Star Global

Star Global is being billed as a leading company to trade art like a commodity and to offer a hedge if the market goes south. Star Global is among a growing number of new investment vehicles trying to harness investor interest in assets not subject to the vagaries of the stock or bond markets. It is also a testament to the financial world's ability to commoditize, securitize, and trade just about anything.

Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship

the Cosmic Starship is more a work of art than a motorcycle

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