The 100

THE 100

With only 100 paintings in the entire world these colorful, multilayered, acrylic on canvas paintings, are held closely by savvy collectors who bought directly from the artist himself or through Star Global International. The art has Jack’s finger prints, thumb prints, hand prints, and DNA in all of the 100 paintings – a process cleverly devised by the artist to thwart forgeries.


Star Global is keeping track and can authenticate all of the paintings. Twenty-five paintings are destined to form the basis of a museum which the artist will open soon. He aims to help other talented artists showcase their talents. This means only 75 paintings can ever be available for sale.


About 80 of Jack’s paintings are 24” x 36” before framing and are multi-layered and amazingly vibrant. Starting prices are currently from $1,950,000 rising steeply to $10,000,000. Two paintings, 36” x 48”, are priced at $4,9500,00 each and one piece de resistance, “Cosmic Starship Arrival”, 48” x 60”, is priced at $6,500,000. Alice Walton Wal-Mart billion-aire and owner of Crystal Bridges Museum of Modern American Art, architect Narendra Patel, French superstar Michel Polnareff, Donny York of iconic pop group Sha Na Na, and actor Eric Roberts are listed among his famous collectors.


Very recently a 4-page in-depth interview with Jack appeared in Art & Museum. This was submitted by Derek Culley, the artist who discovered Damien Hirst. The magazine is part of The Family Office Elite Magazine which goes to high net worth individuals usually with assets around $100 + million dollars. Jack’s paintings are destined to be virtually priceless and a renowned art valuation expert told Star Global that the “sky is the limit” since there are only 100 paintings.

Jack Armstrong is featured within Wikipedia along with the Black Star Of Queensland which is where his inspiration came from.   His belief in the mystical force that emanates from this stone has been the catalyst for his unique style of Cosmic Extensionalism.  

It is most unlikely that any of these paintings will find their way to market soon as most current owners are certain that the contemporary art market is expanding. Owning an Armstrong is a combination of something exclusive and of beauty to brag about. It’s also about possessing portable wealth. Jack’s story and art are uniquely based on his ownership of the Black Star Sapphire of Queensland which he and many believe has magical powers of good fortune!

"Once Imagination is removed there is no masterpiece"