Triptych Of Art

Triptych Of Art

Jack Armstrong


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 “The 3 pieces listed above are Jack Armstrong’s personal {Triptych of Art,} as the Cosmic Harley Davidson was completed in 2010, exactly {500} Years {after} the famous “Garden of Earthly Delights” {triptych} was completed by Bosch; in about 1510, now in the Prado Museum, Madrid.” Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights, oil on oak panels, 220 cm × 389 cm (87 in × 153 in), Museo del Prado, Madrid.

“Each of the 3 Objects listed, were the {seminal} moments; in the history of the art form I created, {Cosmic Extensionalism.}”

“I feel the same way about the {Cosmic Starship Harley,} and the {Cosmic Firebird Painting,} #2 Works of Art Standing Alongside #1.{Warhol Naked} that will {always} define me, and the art creation: which is: {Cosmic Extensionalism.}” “All 3 objects of my art, are each the reflection of the same dream, and the same artistic truth.” “Thru Warhol, and all the visionary artists that came before him, I understood that to be the best, you simply could {not} conform or alter your vision, to please a dealer or a buyer of my work, because the conformity would have {destroyed} the unique imagination behind the masterpiece.”


“This is true in all the arts, From The Individual Art Masterpiece, to film, music, & poetry, No Passion, No Imagination, No Fire, No Art.” “There is Nothing Of Value In Any Object That Was Created Without Passion.” “There have been millions of paintings created and sold throughout time, and the {few,} that achieve the highest amounts at auction, become {extraordinary} examples of the artist’s work, and the most {uniquely} powerful objects in our time.”

“The {Rarest} Ones; most reflective of the artist’s life and style, become famous.” “When you say the words, Van Gogh, you think of Starry Night, or Yellow, Sun Flowers.” “The art would not exist without Vincent’s Creation.” “But Vincent would {not} have existed, as we now understand him, had he not created the {seminal} piece of his “new” style of art, which is {his} masterpiece, “Starry Night.” “Starry Night” Today, at Auction; would bring 1 Billion Dollars or more, because it is the painting that most {closely} defines and identifies the artist {in} the art, he created.” “There are many rare {things} in the world, that have rarity; yet are similar to other things of the same type.”

“My art and my life have only 1 meaning, and it can be discovered in my work; and in my passion for it, which is reflected in my writing {about} my art, {being} that the rare object in question {my art}; is not rare because there are few things like it {available} on the market, but that it {is} rare: because there is nothing else on {earth,} that is like it.” “When I am dead, and when my art will sell for 1 Billion Dollars each, for Warhol Naked, The Cosmic Firebird, {or} the Cosmic Harley, {People} that want to own a piece of the artist’s soul, {who} created the masterpiece, will gladly exchange {money,} for that rare thing that can {never} be duplicated, the original {masterpiece} that is most closely associated {with} the artist in question, and the pieces that will always reign {supreme} at auction.”

“These 3 aforementioned Art objects, will continue to {define} my art and my life’s work, “Cosmic Extensionalism,” long after I am gone, and my {triptych} is written about.” “If I had not {imagined} and then created these [3] objects, I strongly feel, my work as an artist would still be unknown, as my connection with cosmic energy, had {not} been completely realized, before 2001, and my creation of Warhol Naked.

“In the time period of 2001-2010, every great painting including the Cosmic Motorcycle, was produced.”

“The Cosmic Firebird Painting Created in 2007, {my middle period} of Cosmic Extensionalism, for which I later produced {2} Ballets done for film, is the culmination of everything I realized in my cosmic connection to the universal magic in art.” “It is nothing like {any} painting, before or after, and that is what makes it {exactly} in the same category as Warhol Naked, there will never be anything like either one of these originals, again.” “The third and final piece of the puzzle {of} my Art Triptych, symbolizing the completion of my cosmic art journey of discovery, {and} celebration, happened; when the painting became {alive} in the lights of hundreds of photographers from around the world.”

“The most iconic art motorcycle in history, the “Cosmic” Harley Davidson, literally came to life on Oct. 21, 2010, In Los Angeles.” “It has never been duplicated by any artist, or {any} corporation, and it will remain iconic as long as people continue to value original {concepts} that were unique, in capturing the attention of the entire world, and not {singularly,} only the artistic world.”

“I believe the Bold and Exotic Coloring and Shading Of Paint Used in the Creation of these {3} Individual pieces, actually become {one} A Triptych, when Viewed with the {Harley} in the {center,} of the other originals.” “By channeling this {unlimited} cosmic energy into my work, and in {creating} cosmic {extensions} inside my art, is the true {foundation} of cosmic-extensionalism, a {kind} of art magic, that Warhol recognized; when he said my work was {more} alchemy than art, thus dubbing me, “the last wizard of art,” in 1985.” “I had been experimenting with this energy/magic, my entire life, until it formed into a cognitive reality late in 1999, with “The Cosmic Style of Art,” that I am known for today.”

Vincent Van Gogh painted for the last 10 years of his life and died at 37 years old. His seminal paintings were done in the last 2 years of his life.

My work has taken over 40 years to reach my peak. The best were created between 2000-2010. Exactly 10 years, like Vincent.

“These {3} pieces are the {rarest} in symbolic “essence,” of art and artist, and each contain the meaning inside; Cosmic Extensionalism Art, 1. Imagined, 2. Defined, and 3. Created, In: the 21st Century.” “When you see them, you will {believe} in them; also.” “This is my {Triptych} of Cosmic Art, and {its} Extensionalism: Into the cosmic magic, discovered in my work, by Warhol.”

Jack Armstrong

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