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How To own a jack armstrong

Only 100 Paintings on Canvas will ever be available in the World!

Many have been sold privately leaving less than 50 available.

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With only 100 paintings in the entire world these multilayered, acrylic on canvas paintings, are held closely by savvy collectors. The art has Jack’s finger prints, thumb prints, hand prints, and DNA in all of the 100 paintings - a process cleverly devised by the artist to thwart forgeries.

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Twenty-five paintings are destined to form the basis of a museum which the artist will open soon. He aims to help other talented artists showcase their talents. This means only 75 paintings can ever be available for sale.

Alice Walton WalMart billionaire and owner of Crystal Bridges Museum of Modern American Art, architect Narendra Patel, French superstar Michel Polnareff, Donny York of iconic pop group Sha Na Na, and actor Eric Roberts are listed among his famous collectors.

This leaves only a finite number available for sale and Star Global is keeping a close track and can authenticate all of the paintings.

Star Global welcome inquiries from potential investors.  In the first instance for availability and prices – you may contact us directly or fill in the form below.

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Frequently asked questions

Star Global is a leading company to trade art like a commodity and to offer a hedge if the market goes south. Star Global is among a growing number of new investment vehicles trying to harness investor interest in assets not subject to the vagaries of the stock or bond markets. It is also a testament to the financial world’s ability to commoditize, securitize, and trade just about anything.

Getting in touch with Star Global is simple and there are many ways to do this. Here’s the best and most direct ways.

If like us you are slightly old school,  then the direct approach works just fine.  Simply call  or text Dr. Iain Hammer on +1 347.878.2741.

If the email approach works best for you send us a quick email with your details


Star Global have invested great time, resources and investment into Jack Armstrong and his work within the contemporary art market.  We have followed his success from the very beginning and witnessed his triumphs and tribulations.  We have unfaltering belief in his Art both in historical figures and future projections.  All the work we personally hold has been independently appraised by experts in the field and insured accordingly. 

The sale  and purchase of any art at this price level is a very personal and closely managed transaction.  Buyers often want anonymity. Sellers sometimes want the price paid kept confidential.  The confidentiality of our clients and buyers is always fully respected.  We also take great care to ensure our clients and buyers are fully appraised during all stages of the contract.  Naturally any monies are held in escrow until the purchase is safely in the buyer’s possession. 

Star Global would always recommend when looking to invest in Art of this magnitude that you should set aside a viewing appointment.  We would be happy to arrange this with any interested parties and their representatives.

Our clients say

"wonderful modern abstract paints this artist is quite good"
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Alice Walton
Founder of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
Seems to me, what we collect in art should reflect the frivolous side of ourselves along with the more pensive. I find both, to my surprise, in Jack Armstrong’s work.
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Donny York
Sha Na Na