Jack Armstrong’s Steve McQueen $13 M Le Mans painting STOLEN !!

star global LE-MANSTEVEMcQUEEN-1-768x1024 Jack Armstrong's Steve McQueen $13 M Le Mans painting STOLEN !!

Steve McQueen $13 M Le Mans STOLEN !!

 Jack Armstrong’s $13M original work titled ‘Steve McQueen Le Mans’ has been reported stolen by a private house in Dallas, Texas where it was on loan. The art was made in honour of film star Steve McQueen’s 1971 Film “Le Mans”.

Armstrong met with McQueen in Hollywood in 1977 and has said that the painting was inspired by McQueen’s performance in Bullitt and Le Mans.

“The brightly colored McQueen painting in Armstrong’s ‘Cosmic X’ signature style is the only piece dedicated to a Hollywood character and is readily identifiable”, explains Joseph B. Sprung, founder of JBS Financial and CEO of Bear Givers. “Armstrong’s fingerprints and DNA are in all of his 100 originals.”

The theft was found as arrangements were being made to get distinctive celebrity exhibition and also a permanent loan in the Private Event Gallery at Bear Givers Headquarters in New York . This is an international non-profit group which promotes art to children in hospitals or with special needs.

Art theft or Art Napping is not new enterprise, police statistics show only a small fraction of paintings are ever recovered approximately 5 -10 percent so for now it looks like another “Armstrong” is off the Market bringing down the total number of available canvases and boosting the value to existing investors.

If you have any information regarding this painting please contact Star Global International Inc. 1 (888) 647-8274 and International callers +1 (347) 674-4246

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